Meet Our Fishing Guides

Larry McCracken

Larry McCracken, originally from Savannah, Georgia, has spent his entire life as a fisherman, and for over a decade has paved his way as an outstanding Fly Fisherman! Now that he has retired from a 20-year career in the US Army, he is available to give you the fishing experience of a lifetime. “Mr. Larry”, as friends and family call him, has had over 15 years as an instructor, and has combined his knowledge as an angler to maximize angler’s, of any experience level, time on the water. He can take you out for conventional styles of fly fishing, such as Indicator Nymphing or throwing dry flies, or put you on a “Euro Rod” for a different experience altogether! He knows the local waters, such as Spinney Reservoir and 11 Mile Canyon like that back of his hand and has a proven ability to find fish when the chips are down. What are you waiting for? The world of fly fishing is an amazing place, so let Mr. Larry be your guide!


Kenny McDonald

Kenny McDonald is a retired 26 year military veteran with 13+ years of fly fishing experience.  Kenny has fished in various locations throughout Colorado that range from remote high mountain creeks to fast running streams.  He is very skilled in luring various species of trout to take his flies…with an occasional prayer to the fish gods.  His passion for fly fishing has been essential in teaching others the beauty of this challenging and fulfilling method of sport fishing.  If you are an adventure seeker who has a thirst for fly fishing or have never tried it before, come on board and let Kenny be your guide.